About us

A brief history on the Happiness Hustle founder

"I simply wanna reset cause I know I can't rewind" - Ana Popovic is playing in the background. It brings me back to the feelings of the summer of 2015, my moment of big decisions and change. 'Cause I knew I couldn't rewind, but surely you can always reset.

I've always been an eager beaver my whole life. Graduating high school at 16 years old, finishing my bachelor degree at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute at age 21. Landing my first job in the fashion field even before graduating my bachelors, because well, why not?! Just do it, that was my motto!

Long non-stop days, strict deadlines that was what my life consisted of and with every new job, I pushed my limits even further. Year after year, after year. Never saying no, not because of a maniac boss. Nope! Just because I loved working. I loved new opportunities, new ideas, finding solutions to problems, organizing, traveling for work, and all those things. They were my life, that was my identity. And working that hard in your twenties, well it never seemed to affect my happiness or my health.

Until, one moment. April 2015 I'm in London, working on a job. Then it came up, suddenly I felt paralyzed, unable to communicate. Staring blankly at my laptop screen. From one moment into the other, I started crying. And somehow I knew this was it, I had reached my bottom. I pushed myself to my limits for over 10 years and now it had come to the point. I couldn't do it anymore, there was no more room for pushing harder.

So within months, I had shut down my company. And moved to China. Best decision I have ever made in my life, except for buying myself that delicious Magnum icecream in Amsterdam city center's pop-up brand store. Whaha, just checking if you're still reading!

So yes, China. Best decision ever, my life has changed drastically since moving here. I have an extremely flexible schedule, which has given me time to start writing the blog and starting this amazing opportunity to have a shop. My aim is to inspire you and give you reasons to become happier every day. There’s only one you, so you deserve it! You got this.