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If you're looking to kick-start your home refresh by indulging in new hues, check out 2019's top color trends, along with some perfectly fitting home decorating accessories according to Happiness Hustle Home.

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Elegant Glamour Collection - a colorful & feminine Interior Design Trend Searching for new home decor ideas? Freshening up some of the essential places in your house? When it comes to interior design what do you look for? Is it a particular color, a style or even a celebrity's style? Whatever is your inspiration for your interior design, in the end, we are mostly looking for timelessness. For some time now interior decorating is associated with minimalistic pieces and antiques with soul. For today's blog, we reach out to a less minimalistic look with more accessories in a bright but soft...

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Happiness Hustle Interior Design Inspiration! Did you know that plants can give you a feeling of happiness? Plants are more than just decoration. They make our lives brighter, by merely being in a room with us. 

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