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What the experts say about the best interior color for 2019:

"Paint colors I see in for 2019 are blush, dusty pink and bronze. Warm colors and soft tones for on the walls and dashes of soft pinks to break up expanses of taupe or neutrals will instantly update a tired room." according to Katharine Pooley London

"Last year was all about bringing an edgier palette into the home–with vibrant reds, modern metallics, and variations of the statement black accent wall. Unlike 2018's color trends, 2019 is taking a more mindful, lifestyle-based approach to the development of new shades."- Elle Decor.

If you're looking to kick-start your home refresh by indulging in new hues, check out 2019's top color trends, along with some perfectly fitting home decorating accessories according to Happiness Hustle Home.

1. Best interior color for 2019: Living Coral
This bright, happy, and energizing paint color will be seen excessively. Being the - interior, house, texture, wall paint - Color of the Year according to Pantone. It will be seen more and more, giving a sign of hope and optimism. From bedroom paint colors in different shades that can be divided into harder pinks, and softer pinks. To interior paint colors in bright orange and more delicate tones of orange. If you are interested in adding this color to your home, you can start by adding a few accessories first. Once you feel this is a color you enjoy, you can start adding the color onto a wall or even find some furniture in this eye-catching color.


2. Best interior color for 2019: Hunter Green

Darker green tones will also be seen often; this goes hand-in-hand with another trend that is perfect for home decor in 2019: The visible back wall. "Darker green holds a sultry and worldly value, and it's intrinsic in nature and all of life. It's timeless in every respect and works beautifully with natural elements and neutral tones." according to Becky Shea


4. Best interior color for 2019: Saturated Moody Hues

Saturated colors are something designers love at this moment. "These darker moody colors are perfect for custom built-ins and kitchen cabinetry. I would ideally use them in a room with an abundance of natural light." Keita Turner


5. Best interior color for 2019: Pale Pink Colorways

Neutral colors are thé color for 2019, and therefore soft pink tones are your easy color to grab for wall paint- and interior paint ideas. It is easy to combine with greys, whites, and of course, the wooden trend nature trend. In our collection Elegant Glamour, we have a nice assortment of pillowcases. They are ideal for the "pale pink trend" moreover they have a lovely peach skin feel.


6.Best interior color for 2019: Digitally Inspired

Metallic shades are still going strong, although some may think this trend is already over and done, we have to disagree. A good mix-match of different metals is now an excellent way to go. Don't overdo it, as with everything in life; less is more. We suggest you take a look at our Elegant Glamour collection for more golden, rose gold, and metal inspired products.


7.Best interior color for 2019: A contemporary twist on forest greens

Green is one great color to go for this year, and it's one that can be used in many different ways. Either as the back wall, print, or some small accessories. This color is easy to combine with the natural wood trend that is hugely high-fashion at the moment. We have some excellent home textile products available for you, such as pillowcases with leaf design and table clothes with a leaf design. Even bedding with flowers and green shades are a big hit for this contemporary twist on forest greens.


8.Best interior color for 2019: Misty blues

Besides the Bold Blues, faded blues are your kitchen paint color to go for in 2019. The blue palette that we see this year can have a touch of purple or grey to give them more softness. In our collection, we have metallic accessories that can combine beautifully.


9.Best interior color for 2019: Optimistic yellows

Ochre yellow is still your go-to yellow color these next seasons. This eye-catching color is excellent to combine with off-white colors, but also great with a wooden interior. From pillowcases to home accessories. Give it a try! And make the sun enter your house.


10. Best interior color for 2019: Off-cream

With minimalists influence on life, everyone tries to live life more clutter free, the shades that come with this trend are living their best days. Think about creams, beiges, and whites. All of them combined with a touch of boldness such as the coral interior paint trend, or other paint colors such as the shy pinks or bold blues. These neutral tones are effortless to combine and therefore timeless.


11. Best interior color for 2019: Soft terracottas

One of the most beautiful earth tones is terracotta. It gives your house a worldly feeling and combines beautifully with white, green, ochre yellow, and even blue colors. In our Global Essential collection, you'll find some great accessories that go with this color trend.


12. Best interior color for 2019: Electric Citrus

Lime shades are great for a more bold interior style. You can combine this color with darker shades of green and also with white furniture it is a splashing combination. Give it a try! And see how Summer starts developing in your living room.


13. Best interior color for 2019: Dusty Blush 

This lovely color is lovely for bedroom interior styling and even your baby girl's room. This soft pink tone is easy to use on the wall for a more warm feeling. Or you can use this beige pink for home textile accessories to accessorize and make the room cozier.


14.Best interior color for 2019: Jewel-toned Accents

Pops of color are the way to go this year. For example, the 90/10 rule of a full white interior with some color accents is perfect. We have some tremendous colorful vases in our collection with which you can start this trend right this moment.


15. Best interior color for 2019: Raw Wood

One of the best ways to go is to implement accessories or even whole floors with natural wood. Nowadays nature-inspired living is more significant than ever, which means that natural wood accessories, furniture is making a big entrance.


16. Best interior color for 2019: Almost White

Almost white is still an excellent way to go, with this color you can start fresh and give your whole house a make-over. After adding this color, you will see that your home will look as new.


17. Best interior color for 2019: Power-inducing

The colorful combination is such a great way and it's excellent to use mostly for home accessories, but in some cases also as a full wall color. Nowadays, people can make more bold choices, so it's all up to you.


18. Best interior color for 2019: Rich muted purple

Purple is also coming back full on. More rich and darker purple is a great shade for people that love black and white interiors. With a very mid or dark purple, you go just a bit of black, but it still is close to that tone.


19. Best interior color for 2019: Deep Berry Reds

Dark red is also a classic that is still good to use this year. Either as an accent, for example, in the Global Essential trend, it is very suitable.


20. Best interior color for 2019: Mindful Gray Undertones

Gray softer tones are a good and safe way for people who do aren't into the colored interior. You can accessorize with it by adding this color to your home textile accessories.


21. Best interior color for 2019: Hazelnut

Warm and inviting creamy shades of hazelnut paint colors are sure to never go out of style. Moreover, they never clash with existing furnishings as it makes for one comforting go-to of a hue.

For hazelnut paint color ideas in your home, take a quick survey from room to room. Think which spaces need to be brightened up and catch more light as varying shades of hazelnut are great for bouncing light off to make a room appear larger than it is.

22.Best interior color for 2019:  Lilac Gray

Though dove gray is one of the most classic paint colors. When looking for modern alternatives to stark neutral paint color ideas, there's something a tad moodier about 2019's lilac undertone injected options.

For one, the addition of lilac works to make gray hues warmer, more gender neutral and cheery. Shades of gray, with an option boasting lilac tones, makes for a refreshing alternative that also happens to be subtle enough to not tire of it easy.


23. Best interior color for 2019: Muted Pastels

Pastel derivatives in chalky, muted tones, have a soothing appeal. They bring an understated vibe that's perfect for gender-neutral rooms. Also, common areas like kitchens and bathrooms as they'll do double duty and conceal everyday scuff marks and nicks. Plus, muted pastels make for a warm backdrop for minimalist design.

Go for similar muted pastel paint colors if you're looking for the unexpected without having to commit to a bold color trend. Or the latest paint colors being touted as an 'it' hue as you'll tire of it in the long run, and run the risk of having similar paint colors as your friends and neighbors.

24. Best interior color for 2019: Soft Clay

Evoke the spirit of Miami with zesty hues. For those with wanderlust and an earthy spirit, soft clay paint colors are great alternatives to beiges and browns. They'll lend any room a certain sunny zest and casual elegance. Think terra cotta, caramel, clove, and burnt orange home interior colors that have more personality than any neutral ever could.


25.Best interior color for 2019: Mist

A non-color of sorts. Mist home interior colors may come from a blend of muted pastel blue and green with a gray and lilac undertone, but it's far from an easter egg hue.

Instead, think of this color trend as a blank canvas for décor of all colors and styles as its a much more interesting starting point than standard beiges and whites, plus, like muted pastels, a misty hue will work to cover up blemishes with ease.


26. Best interior color for 2019: Mushroom

An update to the famous 70's era mousy browns and rust paint colors, mushroom looks fresh again thanks to a newfound appreciation for everything natural yet moody.

One of our favorite fashion and paint colors for 2019. Shades of mushroom are also gender neutral and timeless in appeal. Moreover, they are unique enough to have guests taking note of their own homes. Plus, it looks great with natural furnishings and finishes as seen in the room above.


27. Best interior color for 2019: Pewter

The perfect gray-beige and a vibrant alternative to all white walls, pewter paint colors provide an almost blank canvas that's anything but bland.

Though it should have been a standard before it was shortlisted as one of the best paint colors for 2019, this is one color trend not to be underestimated. In fact, we suggest taking this best interior color for 2019 named pewter paint throughout your home. Rather than just one room as its one shade that works with everything, everywhere.


28.Best interior color for 2019:  Brown Shades

Of course, nature isn't a strange inspirator for home decoration, but in 2019 we see a shift from greenish plant inspired to more neutral wood inspired. Interior paint colors such as natural wood colors, different shades of grey and warm brown will be given a key role.


29. Best interior color for 2019: Neutrals

In 2019, the unexpected neutral paint we're loving falls under the category of driftwood gray. These colors—like a real piece of driftwood—have a right amount of variety, including warm grays, cool browns, and shades of icy blue. One paint that, depending on the light, can be described as any of those colors is Behr's Elephant Skin. It's a great medium, warm gray—not too dark and not too light.

Elephant Skin color could also be described as a creamy taupe or shade of mushroom. It is ideal for well-lit living spaces, and pairs well with bright white trim. It plays well with layers of more neutral furnishings but coordinates with colors just as much. Blues and purples pop against Elephant Skin in a way they don't on a plain white backdrop.

This best interior color of 2019 is also an excellent option for cabinetry in the kitchen or bathroom and even proves versatile enough for house exteriors. Brass and chrome hardware both complement the shade beautifully.

30. Best interior color for 2019: Tangerine

This color gives you a very energizing experience. Crisp, fresh, like a Creamsicle on a hot day. You can use it for small accessories to give small pops of color through your home. Or go bold and paint one wall this color. It will brighten up your mood instantly.